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Evolution of Genomes

    An organism’s genome contains the complete set of its genetic information. Changes in the sequence and structure of a genome provide raw genetic materials for functional innovation and evolutionary divergence of living organisms. A long-standing question in evolutionary biology is to determine the links between the genomic variations and the evolution of new phenotypes of new species. 

    One of the research focuses in my lab is to better understand the evolutionary patterns and mechanisms of the genomic sequences, gene content and genome structures, and to learn their impacts on the evolution of biological novelty and diversity through comparative analyses of genome sequence data from different lineages of organisms.  

Evolution of Gene Regulation

    The divergence of gene expression and regulation is a major mechanism underlying the evolution of living organisms. Transcription initiation is the first and probably the most important step in gene regulation. Comparative analysis of transcription start site (TSS) maps and their regulated activities is critical to improving our understanding of gene regulatory mechanism and the genetic basis underlying the evolutionary divergence of gene expression.

   The other research focus of my lab is to obtain accurate and quantitative TSS maps for many different yeast species or populations using high-throughput sequencing techniques. We aim to provide a better understanding of the regulatory and evolutionary mechanisms of gene transcriptional regulation using both computational and experimental approaches.

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